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What Are the Different Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures?

Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping surgery, is one of Dr. Ary Krau’s favorite procedures to perform. In our Miami practice, he uses computer imaging software to help patients get the ideal results. The type of procedure that he performs on a patient depends on the desired end results. Some procedures, such as an open rhinoplasty, are better suited for more complicated changes, while others, such as tip-plasty, are ideal if a patient is only concerned about a certain area of the nose.

ADM Makes Breast Implants Possible Even for Those with Thin or Damaged Tissue

Multiple studies have shown that breast augmentation not only helps how a woman feels about her appearance, but also increases self-esteem and self-confidence in her life overall. But while breast augmentation is a viable option for many women, those with thin skin or weak underlying tissue may not be good candidates for the procedure. When tissues are thin or weak, they may be unable to support the weight of the implants, causing them to sag prematurely and leaving women with a less than desirable result.

Do Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced Eventually?

Nothing is made to last forever, including breast implants. In the past, health officials and surgeons recommended replacing implants after 10 years, as it was found that older silicone implants tended to leak after a decade. But, advancements in technology mean that silicone implants are less likely to leak or rupture and can last a patient much longer than 10 years.

Ruptures aren’t the only reason why a woman would want to undergo a breast revision, though. Changes to the body due to aging, lifestyle habits and pregnancy can mean that a set of implants no longer fit a woman. A woman might also change her mind and want a set of implants that are smaller or larger.

What Are The Benefits of Breast Reduction?

Although breast augmentation procedures have been the most commonly performed plastic surgery since 2006, not every woman wants to have larger breasts. Breasts that are too large for the body can cause physical pain and discomfort. They can also make it difficult for a woman to perform daily activities or exercise. Some women have self-image issues as a result of disproportionately large breasts. In Miami, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau performs breast reduction procedures to reduce the size of the breast while maintaining a natural shape.

Dr. Krau Appointed to LEAD Cosmetic Surgery Advisory Board

LEAD plastic surgeon councilDr. Ary Krau, a leading Miami plastic surgeon, has been selected by Mentor Worldwide® to serve on its Mentor® LEAD Program advisory board, an accomplishment which is achieved by only 35 plastic surgeons each year.

Each year Mentor Worldwide®, a global manufacturer of state-of-the-art plastic surgery products, invites the country’s top plastic surgery experts to serve on its advisory board and to meet and discuss their experiences using the company’s products during the company’s annual LEAD conference.

What to Expect Before and After Plastic Surgery

People who choose to get plastic surgery do so for many different reasons. You might decide to undergo a facelift to shave a few years off of your appearance, for example, or you might decide to get liposuction to put the finishing touches on your body after weight loss. Whatever your reasons for surgery, it’s essential that you have realistic expectations for the before and after results, notes Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is the colloquial term for a buttocks augmentation. People choose to undergo a butt lift to enhance the size of their derrieres. A butt lift can also improve the shape of the backside. Brazilian butt lifts are different from other buttock enhancing procedures because they use your own fat. Other methods of butt augmentation make use of silicone implants.

Tips for a Comfortable Plastic Surgery Recovery

Whether you decide to have a facelift, nose job or breast augmentation, plastic surgery is an invasive procedure that takes time to recover and heal from. You’ll get results when you undergo cosmetic surgery, but you need to realize that it takes time for the results to appear. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau has some tips to help you recover from your surgery comfortably.

“Mom, My nose is Too Big!” Is Your Teen a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery

Ah, the angst of the teen years, where self-image becomes the focus of both genders and even the tiniest perceived flaws can grow to huge proportions. Feeling good about yourself during the teen years can be difficult, especially with the media continually bombarding teens with images of so-called “perfect” faces and bodies. So it’s not surprising that a lot of teens are turning to cosmetic surgery to correct some of the less-than-ideal aspects of their own faces and bodies.

Is it Time for a Facelift?: Miami Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ary Krau Weighs in

Your face is often the first part of the body that shows signs of aging. Luckily, today you have a number of options to help reverse the clock and make your face look more youthful. One option is to undergo a facelift, a procedure that reduces wrinkles and creases, restores fat, tightens skin, and elevates the deeper tissues of the face. Deciding to get a facelift is not something to take lightly or choose on a whim.

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