Month: March 2015

Are Tummy Tucks for Men too?
Though many consider tummy tuck to be a procedure exclusively for women (to correct changes in the abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth), men can benefit from tummy tuck, too. In.
A Good Nose Job Can Last Forever
Are you self-conscious of your nose? Do you feel like everyone you meet stares at it? Have you ever avoided having your photo taken because you’re embarrassed by the way.
How to Choose the Right Implant Size
Modern breast implant technology has afforded you many choices in filling, size and shape. While this is clearly a benefit, the choices may seem overwhelming at first. If you are.
The Secret to Full, Natural Looking Breasts
Attention, ladies! Dr. Ary Krau has exciting news to share with you. Breast augmentation is still the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country, according to recent statistics. However,.