Benefits of Botox for Men
Women aren’t the only people on the planet wanting to restore a youthful appearance. Men look in the mirror and wonder where that younger guy without such deep lines and.
Solutions for Tired-Looking Eyes
It’s a refrain we frequently hear during consultations at the Miami plastic surgery offices of Dr. Ary Krau: “I don’t feel as old or tired as the person I see.
3 Things To Know Before Getting Botox
Botox is one of the most popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures Dr. Ary Krau and our team perform — and for good reason! The quick treatment can relax visible wrinkles.
Can Botox Replace a Brow Lift?
For decades surgical brow lift has been a popular way to improve the position of low, drooping brows that give the face an angry, sad or fatigued expression. Nowadays, more.
Do You Feel “Selfie” Conscious?
If you are like most selfie takers, you take several photos of yourself before finally deciding on one to upload to Facebook or Instagram. In this age of social media,.
Do Botox and Other Injectables Hurt?
Are you contemplating Botox or injectables, but wondering what it feels like to be on the receiving end of treatment? Don’t let thoughts of pain stop you from pursuing the.
How to Make Botox Last Longer
Botox is an incredible anti-aging tool. When used correctly, it can take years off of your facial appearance. The non-invasive treatment is quick, easy and well tolerated, with very few.