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Breast Revision

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Searching for a trusted breast revision surgeon in Miami? Selecting the right surgeon to perform your breast augmentation is the single most important thing you can do to increase your chances of a satisfactory result without complications. However, even if the most talented surgeon performs the procedure perfectly, there is always a (slight) risk of complications, thanks to the unpredictability of each patient’s response to the surgery.

For example, patients who smoke generally do not heal as well as non-smokers — not enough oxygen reaches the tissues as they heal; this can contribute to a poor final result or a complication. And, some patients are more prone to scarring than others and develop keloids (raised scars) after breast augmentation surgery. Also, a patient who returns to exercise or strenuous activity too early is more likely to impair healing and/or affect the implant position, adversely affecting the final result. Finally, implants are not intended to be lifelong devices. Although they will last for many years, they age and may eventually need to be replaced.

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Breast Revision in Miami

Breast augmentation revision becomes necessary in cases of unsatisfactory results or complications that arise after the initial implant Breast Revision Surgery Miamiplacement. Women who need breast augmentation revision trust Dr. Ary Krau, who has many years of experience performing revision surgery and is well-versed in the complications that can arise after primary surgery. He knows how to design and carry out a plan that addresses your specific needs and delivers the best aesthetic result.

You may require Dr. Ary Krau’s breast revision expertise if any of the following occurs:

  • One or both implants become hard (a complication called capsular contracture)
  • One or both implants shift within the breast tissue, creating a lopsided appearance
  • One or both breasts is traumatized in an accident
  • The implants have caused the breast tissue to “wrinkle”
  • One or both saline implants have lost volume
  • You want your implants removed and not replaced
  • You want to replace your saline implants with silicone
  • You were never satisfied with the results of your original breast implant procedure
  • Your breasts have sagged over time, you need a breast lift and you want to replace either the current implants or have a lift without implants

Your Breast Implant Revision Consultation

All patients considering breast revision surgery in Miami meet with Dr. Krau for an informational surgical consultation. During the appointment, he will perform a physical examination and take a detailed medical history from you. You will discuss what you don’t like about your breast implants and describe your ideal surgical outcome. Dr. Krau will explain how he plans to approach your surgery, and he will answer any questions you have. He may also ask you to get a mammogram before you undergo surgery.

Procedural Details

Breast revision surgery is performed on an outpatient basis at Dr. Krau’s accredited surgical facility. You will receive anesthesia and sedation medications for your complete comfort.

During the operation, he will follow the surgical plan that you discussed at your consultation. The steps that he takes depend on the reason you’ve pursued revision surgery. This could involve:

  • Removing the implants
  • Replacing the implants
  • Repositioning the implants
  • Reconstructing the implant pockets to improve the position of the implants
  • Repositioning the nipple-areolar complex higher on the breast mound

Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) For Contracture or Symmastia

Dr. Krau treats cases of capsular contracture or symmastia with a biomaterial called acellular dermal matrix. ADM materials are skin grafts from which the cells have been removed. When placed, the patient’s own cells are able to grow into the ADM’s framework of tissue, eventually replacing the skin graft. According to Dr. Krau, ADM is helpful in “tricky” breast revision cases.

Breast Implant Revision in Miami

Recovering From Breast Revision Surgery

Dr. Krau will provide detailed aftercare instructions, explaining what you can expect and how soon you can return to work and your regular activity level.

The first few days of recovery will be the toughest. Your breasts may be sore, swollen or numb — these are normal symptoms that will resolve with time. Pain medication can relieve discomfort.

It’s important that you rest your body and avoid any bending, lifting or strenuous movement. Moving too quickly too soon could cause a complication.

Surgical Risks

Complications are rare, but it’s important that you are informed of the possible risks of surgery. Dr. Krau will discuss these during your initial consultation. The risks of breast revision surgery include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Hematoma/seroma
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Unfavorable wound healing
  • Scarring

Breast Revision Cost and Financing

Most breast revision candidates are curious about what surgery will cost and whether there are ways to finance it. Dr. Krau offers consistently beautiful results at a reasonable price. The pricing varies by patient, depending on the specific procedure and other factors. If you are interested, Dr. Krau offers several financing options.

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Breast Revision FAQ


Revision breast surgery is similar to the initial procedure; it is performed to improve the results of or resolve complications from the original operation. Often, Dr. Krau is able to use the same incisions from the original surgery to replace or remove the breast implants.

To help you achieve your desired surgical outcome, Dr. Krau might suggest that you undergo an adjunct procedure, such as combining revision breast augmentation surgery with mastopexy (breast lift).


Women pursue revision breast surgery for various reasons, including the desire to resolve poor implant placement, implant displacement, visible implant rippling, extreme breast asymmetry, capsular contracture (hardening of breasts due to extensive scar tissue formation), symmastia (implants that look joined in the middle), an implant leak, a ruptured implant or a change in personal preference regarding the size or shape of implants, among other possible reasons.


The recovery period following revision breast surgery is similar to the recovery period after the initial procedure. During the first few days, the treatment area may be swollen, bruised, numb, tender or sore. However, these are normal symptoms that should improve with time. Any discomfort can be alleviated by taking prescription pain relievers, as directed by Dr. Krau. As with initial breast procedures, patients will need to take about five days off from work or their usual routine, and should rest as much as possible and avoid strenuous activity (including heavy lifting and exercising) during this time.


The exact price of revision breast surgery varies by patient, depending on the complexity of the patient’s anatomical needs and surgical goals. For instance, removing breast implants completely costs less than replacing saline implants with silicone ones. Dr. Krau’s quoted price includes the surgeon’s fee, the operating room fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee and the cost of the new breast implants (if desired).


Insurance sometimes covers the cost of revision breast surgery, depending on several factors, including the specifics of your individual insurance plan. For instance, if revision breast surgery is needed to correct a surgical complication, such as capsular contracture, insurance might cover some or all of the procedure. To find out more, please contact your insurance carrier directly or contact our office, so we can help verify what your insurance will cover.


Results from revision breast surgery are long lasting, barring any trauma or injury to the breasts. However, no surgical procedure can stop the natural aging process completely, and your breasts will continue to age and respond to the effect of gravity, over time.

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