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Want to get BOTOX injections in Miami? Over the course of time, facial expressions like smiling and frowning create wrinkles and creases in the face that can cause us to look aged and tired compared to what we used to see in the mirror. BOTOX injections temporarily counteract this process by targeting and relaxing the muscle or muscles that cause the wrinkles to form in the first place. The result is a natural, line-free look in the treated area or areas.

BOTOX injections — injecting a protein derived from the botulism toxin — freeze, or paralyze, the muscles in the face, which relaxes the wrinkles and smooths them out. This freezing effect is specific to the muscles that create the fine lines and wrinkles, so the basic muscle function of the face is not interrupted. Normal facial animation and expression are maintained, but without the unwanted lines. The effects of BOTOX can be seen within one week of treatment, and last up to six months.

What Can BOTOX Correct

BOTOX is best used to correct fine lines on the face, like those around the eyes (“crow’s feet”), forehead (frown lines and the “number 11” lines in between the eyes) and mouth. BOTOX can also be used as a temporary eyebrow lift. When injected into the corners of the eyebrows, it fixes the problem of a falling arch caused by age, and creates a more youthful-looking brow.

Another use for BOTOX is to diminish excessive sweating. If you have problems with excessive underarm wetness, even with the use of antiperspirants, you may want to consider having BOTOX treatment under your arms. BOTOX can also be used to control perspiration in the area above the lip.

Benefits Of BOTOX

As a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles, BOTOX requires no surgery, no lengthy doctor visits and little to no downtime afterwards. You get the benefits of a smooth, line-free face without the scars, discomfort or recovery time of a surgery. And compared to more invasive procedures, the price of BOTOX is extremely reasonable. BOTOX is FDA-approved and is a popular treatment used by many to smooth out the lines on the face as a non-surgical alternative to facial plastic surgeries.

Am I A Good Candidate BOTOX?

You are considered a good candidate for BOTOX if you:

  • Have moderate to severe wrinkles or lines on your face
  • Are in generally good health

How BOTOX Injections Work

A BOTOX treatment normally takes between 10 and 30 minutes. During this time, the patient will receive several injections in each muscle being treated (as injections are made in the muscle causing the wrinkle, and not necessarily in the wrinkle area itself). There is minimal, if any, discomfort caused by the injections. Some patients experience mild pressure in the area being treated, though it subsides quickly. Results of the treatment can be seen in less than a week.

Recovery From BOTOX

There is little downtime after BOTOX injections, and patients can go back to normal activities immediately, as long as they are careful not to touch or move the treated muscles for a few hours after treatment. Patients should also refrain from vigorous activity for the first 24 hours after surgery, as this can contribute to bruising and swelling. In the days after treatment, there may be some swelling or redness in the treated areas, but these effects usually go away within days of the treatment.

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