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Dr. Krau Answers Common Questions About Facelift Recovery

Facelift in Miami

Patients considering facelift surgery usually have many questions about the recovery process. In his many years of practice, Dr. Ary Krau has noticed the same queries typically come up in consultation. Here, he answers the most common questions about the facelift recovery process. Will I be bruised or swollen after facelift? Yes, bruising and swelling… Read More

Facelift: What You Need to Know

Long considered to be the gold standard in facial plastic surgery, facelift addresses multiple signs of aging, resulting in comprehensive rejuvenation. A top facelift surgeon in Miami, Dr. Ary Krau is known for delivering consistently natural and beautiful results with facelift. Here, he shares four things you need to know about the procedure.

Facelift vs. Non-Surgical Skin Tightening: Weighing Your Options

Are you self-conscious of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, lax skin or other signs of facial aging? There are many treatment options available to rejuvenate aging skin and create a more youthful facial appearance. Though it is difficult for Dr. Ary Krau to tell you exactly what to do without seeing you for a consultation,… Read More

How to Make Your Facelift Last

Having facelift surgery can be a tremendously satisfying experience. Dr. Ary Krau’s patients often tell him that they look and feel better than they have in years following their facelift procedure. Not only do they look more youthful, but their self-confidence soars. Dr. Krau is often asked how to make these wonderful facelift results last…. Read More

Is it Time for a Facelift?: Miami Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ary Krau Weighs in

Your face is often the first part of the body that shows signs of aging. Luckily, today you have a number of options to help reverse the clock and make your face look more youthful. One option is to undergo a facelift, a procedure that reduces wrinkles and creases, restores fat, tightens skin, and elevates the deeper tissues of the face. Deciding to get a facelift is not something to take lightly or choose on a whim.

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