A Brazilian butt lift is the colloquial term for a buttocks augmentation. People choose to undergo a butt lift to enhance the size of their derrieres. A butt lift can also improve the shape of the backside. Brazilian butt lifts are different from other buttock enhancing procedures because they use your own fat. Other methods of butt augmentation make use of silicone implants.

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift for Me?

You might want to enhance your butt for a number of reasons. Some people are born with a small or flat backside. You might consider the surgery if you find that your clothing doesn't fit properly on your backside, for example. Getting a butt lift will give you a more curvy shape and will increase the difference between your waist and hip size, which some people prefer. In some cases, people choose to undergo a butt lift procedure after losing a lot of weight and having their buttocks shrink in size.

The surgery, like all plastic surgeries, isn’t for everyone. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau recommends that you stop smoking before surgery. You might have to stop taking certain medications or supplements about a week before the procedure.

The Process

A Brazilian butt lift is a two part procedure. Fat is first removed from an area of your body, such as the hips or stomach area, using liposuction. The surgeon suctions out the fat using a narrow tube called a cannula. After the fat is removed from the body, the surgeon injects it into the buttock area, usually in layers. The injections both increase the size of the butt area and improve the shape.

The procedure is typically performed on an out-patient basis, meaning you will most likely go home after a short recovery period at the surgery center.


Many patients go back to work and resume normal activities about two weeks after the procedure. Right after the surgery, you should have a friend or family member bring you home from the center and someone to help you for the first day or two. You will need to wear a compression garment for up to six weeks. You should also avoid sitting down for long periods of time for the first two weeks after surgery. If you do sit, rest on a cushion to reduce the amount of pressure on your backside.

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