5 Popular Cosmetic Procedures for Men
The percentage of men who seek cosmetic procedures is steadily on the rise, but most people probably do not realize that fact given that male patients tend to seek procedures.
4 Ways Men Benefit from Plastic Surgery
While women still outnumber men when it comes to plastic surgery procedures, the gap is narrowing. More and more men are realizing not only the aesthetic advantages of plastic surgery,.
Plastic Surgery for Men Is Still on the Rise
Right before the 2017 Academy Awards, the Hollywood Reporter ran a piece about the continually increasing number of men seeking cosmetic enhancements. One of the Beverly Hills plastic surgeons quoted.
Male Rhinoplasty: What You Should Know
Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping, is one of the most popular facial procedures among men. In fact, it was the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure among men in 2013,.
Facelift for Men
Dr. Ary Krau is a trusted facelift surgeon in Miami that caters to men as well as women. While some may believe facelift is only appropriate for women, the truth.