How poor self-image affects relationshipsDo you have constant negative thoughts about your face or body? Do you suffer poor self-image because of the way you look? Self-image problems are intensely personal, yet they may spoil other areas of your life — namely, your relationships.

Being unhappy with your looks can blind you to your own self-worth, in turn affecting your love life. Dr. Ary Krau, a plastic surgeon in Miami, explores several common ways that a negative self-image can influence your relationships.

Settling for an Unhealthy Relationship

If you have poor self-image and low confidence, you may be likely to settle for a mediocre or even detrimental relationship. When you lack confidence, you can get stuck in an unhealthy or codependent relationship because you believe that is all you deserve. You may also start to take your partner’s criticism or verbal abuse to heart, believing that you are flawed.

Projecting Insecurities onto Your Partner

If you’re not happy with your body or a specific feature, you might project it onto your significant other, causing unnecessary relationship strife. You may find yourself being critical of your loved one’s appearance and flooding your communication with negativity. This negativity may eventually cause your partner to pull away from you.

Giving Up on Love

Do you feel so insecure about your appearance that you believe you are destined to be alone forever? You might find yourself avoiding any social settings or possible romantic partners because you don’t want to engage with anyone. You may thwart potential suitors because you give off negative or self-conscious energy.

What to Do When You Hate Your Nose

The nose is a very common target of self-loathing, perhaps because it is the focal point of the face and impossible to hide. Many people have such deep-seeded dissatisfaction with their nose that it consumes their life.

If you have always disliked the appearance of your nose, and believe it interferes with your self-image, you might be a candidate for rhinoplasty.

Understand that rhinoplasty is not appropriate for everyone. It is a surgical procedure that must be carefully considered and planned. It is not a quick fix and will not solve deeper, underlying psychological problems. The right candidates are physically and mentally stable, and have reasonable expectations of surgery. For these candidates, rhinoplasty can be a life-changing experience.

In addition to rhinoplasty, Dr. Krau offers a range of surgical procedures designed to improve a specific area of your face or body, or provide allover rejuvenation.

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