Male tummy tuck patientsThough many consider tummy tuck to be a procedure exclusively for women (to correct changes in the abdomen after pregnancy and childbirth), men can benefit from tummy tuck, too. In fact, with the recent rise in male plastic surgery, more men than ever are pursuing abdominal contouring with tummy tuck.

Here, Dr. Ary Krau explains why men get tummy tucks.

What Tummy Tuck Can Improve

Tummy tuck is designed to improve the appearance of a protruding abdomen, affectionately referred to by some as a “spare tire,” “pot belly” or “muffin top.”

While liposuction alone can remove surplus fat, tummy tuck repairs other problems that plague the abdominal area, such as loose skin, separated or weakened muscles and, in some cases, stretch marks.

Tummy tuck is not a weight loss procedure. Male tummy tuck candidates should be at or close to their target weight. Many male candidates have achieved their goal weight through surgical treatment (i.e., bariatric surgery) or diet and exercise, and are seeking tummy tuck to refine the area after weight loss. The significant fluctuation in weight is what causes the skin to loosen and sag over the abdomen. Loose skin cannot be tightened non-surgically, making tummy tuck the only suitable solution.

How Tummy Tuck Is Performed

During tummy tuck, Dr. Krau makes a horizontal incision on the lower abdomen. Through the incision, he removes excess fat and loose skin. For the right candidates, he can use high definition liposuction techniques to produce the illusion of “six-pack” abdominal muscles. Dr. Krau will repair weakened abdominal muscles and stitch them into place in a corset-like arrangement. He may make an additional incision around the belly button, and relocate it to a higher position on the abdomen. Finally, Dr. Krau will re-drape the skin over the abdomen tightly to produce a tight, toned contour.

Dr. Krau also offers “mini tummy tuck,” which focuses on the area beneath the navel. It is suitable for men with excess abdominal fat and skin, but relatively intact muscles.

Experience Matters

The success of male tummy tuck depends on the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the procedure. Dr. Krau is a body contouring authority, and has spent many years sculpting and shaping beautiful and proportional physiques. Please browse his tummy tuck before-and-after photo gallery for evidence of his exceptional work.

If you would like to discuss tummy tuck for men in more detail with Dr. Krau, please contact our practice today by calling (305) 861-6881.

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