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Advanced facelift techniques offer more benefits than ever, providing a natural look instead of the "windswept" appearance they were known for a few decades ago. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami, Dr. Ary Krau, takes a unique approach to facelift to make sure his patients look like themselves, only younger.

1. Facelift Addresses Multiple Signs of Aging at Once

As you get older, your body produces less collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These natural compounds are responsible for that youthful glow associated with 20-somethings. The decreased production combined with sun exposure, gravity, stress, genetics and lifestyle habits such as smoking means many areas of your face will show signs of aging at once.

Facelift removes excess skin caused by the loss of elasticity, tightens the underlying tissues and muscle and repositions displaced fat to restore volume in the cheeks and reduce jowling. The procedure improves the jawline, lines and wrinkles around the mouth, nose and chin as well as issues with the upper neck and submental area (under the chin). While various cosmetic treatments can treat these concerns individually, facelift restores a youthful look by addressing them all at once.

2. Facelift is Customized to Your Features and Gender

Men and women show signs of aging similarly but often have different goals for their facelift results. Men want a defined jawline and stronger chin, while women want soft, supple features and a rounded facial appearance. Facelift is tailored to your unique needs, and Dr. Krau offers variations of the procedure, including the standard and mini facelift. His technique will depend on the degree of sagging skin, wrinkling, fat displacement and other concerns.

Dr. Krau is known for his meticulous attention to detail and personal approach and was featured on the Bravo TV reality series "Miami Slice."

3. Facelift Focuses on Natural-Looking Results

Facelifts developed a bad reputation for many years for overly tightening the skin, which gave the appearance of wind blowing on the face. Today, facelift is about repositioning the tissues and fat pockets underneath the skin to achieve a youthful, natural appearance with younger facial contours.

Dr. Krau's unique facelift approach uses advanced techniques that consider your facial qualities. He elevates the skin and then re-suspends the deep facial tissues to a higher, more youthful location. Cheek fat is placed higher on the cheekbone, and the jowls are elevated to address volume loss in the mid-face. The skin is re-draped with slight tension for a natural look that takes decades off your complexion.

If you're interested in facelift, schedule your consultation with Dr. Krau in Miami today. Contact our office in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, at (305) 861-6881 or fill out our online contact form.

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