gallery-2How long does it take to recover from a breast lift surgery? In most cases, the recovery time after a breast lift procedure is relatively short. Many patients find that they are back to their everyday lives within three weeks of surgery, notes renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau. Getting back on your feet quickly after a breast lift means listening to what your surgeon says and coming back for follow-up appointments as needed.

Support Bra

A support bra is a must for the first few weeks after a breast lift procedure. Patients return home from surgery with a soft, supportive bra. The fit of the bra helps the breasts stay in place and reduces swelling. Most patients benefit from wearing the support bra at all times, even to bed. During the first few weeks of recovery, it’s not recommended that patients wear bras with underwire. Along with the surgical bra, sports bras are ideal for the recovery period.

First Few Days

You will most likely experience the greatest amount of discomfort in the first few days after your breast lift surgery. It's a good idea to have someone around the house to help you out, such as a family member, friend or spouse. Your surgeon can prescribe pain medications to help you manage any pain or discomfort from the surgery. Discuss any pain medications you plan on taking with your surgeon first. Some over-the-counter medicines increase the risk of bleeding and should be avoided.


Typically, you can begin light activities about a week after your surgery. If you are taking pain medications, you should wait to drive a vehicle until you've stopped the medicines. You shouldn't get back on the road again until you feel alert and able to respond quickly.

Going Back to Work

When you can go back to work depends on what type of job you have. If you have an office job or one that doesn't require much physical exertion, you might be able to head back within a week of your surgery. Wait until you get the OK from your surgeon to head back to your job if it involves physical activity.

Resuming More Strenuous Activities

You should wait a few weeks before resuming more strenuous activities, such as exercise or sex. Even after you're able to begin strenuous activities again, you'll need to be extra careful and to protect the breast area.

Discuss any concerns you have about recovery or when to go back to your day-to-day activities with Dr Krau before your breast lift surgery.

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