breast lift 2Life can really do a number on the breasts. The effects of gravity, aging, and pregnancy, can cause the breasts to lose their firmness and to start sagging. Women who want to restore a youthful, full look to their breasts often choose to undergo a breast lift with implants. If a patient is satisfied with the size of her breasts, she can choose a lift without implants, too.

While some breast lift procedures leave considerable scarring, the technique used by board certified plastic surgeon Ary Krau, MD are designed to leave fewer scars and longer lasting results.

Fewer Scars

The amount of scarring that remains after the breast lift surgery depends on the type of procedure that a surgeon performs. The traditional procedure requires a physician to make a horizontal anchor incision across the chest, just beneath the breasts. The large incision leaves a considerable scar. While the scar isn't visible beneath clothing, its presence can have an impact on a patient's self-esteem and can make her feel less satisfied with the surgery's results.

The vertical mammoplasty technique used by Dr. Krau eliminates the need for the large anchor incision. He makes a short, vertical incision just below the areola, which results in a much smaller scar that is less visible.

Less Tension

Dr. Krau's method also reduces scars by not placing a considerable amount of tension on the skin of the breast. Skin is very elastic. It stretches over time, particularly when there is weight and gravity placed on it. Tension on the skin of the breast increases the likelihood that scars will be more noticeable because they have not healed as well.

Less tension on the skin of the breasts also means longer lasting results. Dr Krau’s technique uses the inner breast tissue, or fascia, to provide support for the breast lift, rather than relying on the skin for support. This nearly completely eliminates outside tension on the skin. Unlike skin, the fascia is not elastic and will not stretch out.

Healing and Scar Management

Allowing the body time to heal after a breast lift procedure is essential when it comes to reducing the appearance of any scars. Less tension on the skin of the breasts following the procedure helps speed the healing process. It’s important for patients to follow the advice of their surgeon after a breast lift to ensure that healing takes place. Patients should avoid smoking, for example, as tobacco use slows down the healing process. Along with giving the body time to heal after surgery, a patient can use topical ointments or other treatments that are suggested by a doctor in order to reduce the look of scars.

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