Male facelift surgeryDr. Ary Krau is a trusted facelift surgeon in Miami that caters to men as well as women. While some may believe facelift is only appropriate for women, the truth is many men have seen the incredible benefits of the facial rejuvenation surgery. Certain aspects of male facelift are similar or the same as female facelift, with a few additional considerations.

Motivations for Facelift Among Men

Generally, a man’s motivation for having facelift surgery is similar to a woman’s. Both sexes want to minimize signs of aging, stress and the effects of gravity. Many men cite the desire to look 10 to 15 years younger so they can remain competitive in the workplace. Men also want to retain a rugged, masculine appearance. Results should be subtle, since most men prefer not to discuss their plastic surgery experience (women are more apt to).

What Male Facelift Accomplishes

The surgical steps may vary slightly by patient, but typically include the following:

  • Elevate displaced cheek fat to a more youthful location
  • Reduce or eliminate noticeable jowls
  • Re-drape the skin more tightly over the facial structures
  • Smooth facial folds and wrinkles
  • Treat loose skin, wrinkles and horizontal bands on the neck

Special Considerations

Dr. Krau must make several special accommodates for male facelift. First, it is important to note that the beard makes the skin thicker and looser, so it needs to be tightened more than a woman’s skin.

Another important consideration is the surgical incision around the front of the ear. Men don’t have the ability to conceal facelift scars with makeup or long hairstyles like women do. And, beards and sideburns can complicate the incision placement.

Proper incision placement is critical to minimize future scarring, as well as to keep the sideburn hair in front of the ear in its original location and prevent future hair growth on the front of the ear (the tragus).

As he does with his female patients, Dr. Krau considers each facelift on a case-by-case basis. Using a cookie cutter approach is a surefire way to produce frozen or unnatural-looking outcomes. Instead, Dr. Krau works with the patient to evaluate each area of the face and determine what can/should be improved; then, during surgery, Dr. Krau tailors his specific techniques to the needs of the individual patient. This enables him to deliver subtle yet attractive results.

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