Breast Enhancement SolutionsThough there is little to no evidence to support so-called natural breast enhancement solutions, enthusiasts still tout their benefits on a regular basis. A quick Internet search reveals innumerable sites promising “bigger breasts without surgery,” “natural ways to increase breast size” or “natural breast enlargement” — and the list goes on. The truth is these enhancements simply don’t work, and, in addition, some have significant negative side effects. Here, Dr. Ary Krau discusses the dangers of these “natural” breast enhancement solutions – and explains what truly works.

Topical Creams and Pills

There are creams and pills galore in the marketplace promising breast enhancement with little proof of results. They come in hormonal and homeopathic varieties, with herbs and phytoestrogens, proclaiming their ability to enlarge breasts significantly. In reality, many of these supplements (pill or cream forms) can interact with your prescription drugs negatively and some may even suppress breast tissue growth.

The BRAVA® System and Its Imitators

The BRAVA® Breast Enhancement System has been around for years. It utilizes a special bra-like device with suction that must be worn 10 hours per day for 10 or more weeks to achieve the desired result. Because some studies have shown a minimal increase in breast size, BRAVA® imitators are also available — but there is no evidence that the slight increase in cup size is permanent.

The True Enhancement Solution

First, there are several things you can do to maintain the health and beauty of your breasts: regularly exercise, maintain good posture, protect your breast skin from the sun and eat healthfully. Secondly, breast augmentation by a board certified plastic surgeon is the true enhancement solution if you desire to increase your breast size or improve the shape of your breasts. Today’s saline, silicone and “gummy bear” implants are safe and durable.

If you are interested in achieving bigger breasts, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, who can explain your options and help you choose the best solution for you.

Consult with Dr. Krau

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