Eyelid Surgery in Miami Formally known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery repairs drooping eyelids and bags beneath the eyes. Well-known Miami board-certified plastic surgeon Ary Krau, M.D., discusses how to spot a well-performed eyelid surgery.

Hidden Scars

Good eyelid surgery leaves scars undetectable. The type of scarring a patient experiences depends on whether their upper or lower lids are treated; but in either case, scars should prove invisible once healing takes place.

Thin skin is less prone to scarring than thicker skin, and upper eyelid skin is especially thin. When eyelid surgery is performed on the upper lid, the necessary incision is done using the lid’s natural crease. Scars are hidden within that crease as long as you keep your eyes open. Just wait a few months, and the scar should fade sufficiently so no one sees it, even if your eyes are closed.

When surgery is done on the lower eyelid, the surgeon chooses between two different methods. The first involves making an incision on the lower lid’s inside, which effectively hides any resulting scars. For those who need more muscle and loose skin attended to, the second type of incision is made beneath the eyelashes. These stitches require removal after initial healing, usually about a week after the procedure. Give the eyelid a few more weeks of healing time, and any scarring should prove unnoticeable.

Eye Symmetry

It goes without saying that eyes should always appear symmetrical after blepharoplasty. One of the most frequent issues with eyelid surgeries is asymmetry after the procedure, and that requires another surgery for correction. The eyes should always match in size and shape, along with shade.

If you view a plastic surgeon’s eyelid surgery before and after portfolio and spot some change of eye shape, cross that doctor off your list. Some patients may have conditions mandating a change in eye shape, but they are the exception. A surgery inadvertently changing the shape of the eye will affect the individual’s entire appearance.

Looking Natural

If it is obvious a person had eyelid surgery, that is usually an example of a poorly done procedure. Blepharoplasty, when performed properly, should make the person’s eyes look good, but natural. When the eyelids appear too tight or something seems awry, that is an indication that this was not a stellar operation.

Perhaps the best sign of a well-performed eyelid surgery is no sign at all. A person whose eyelids no longer droop and whose eyes look youthful and rested is the best advertisement for good eyelid surgery. Of course, you will not know unless they tell you.

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