Breast Augmentation cost MiamiFrom the standpoint of incisions, there are three types of breast lifts.  Just around the areola, the lollipop, and the anchor.  However, what is more important is what is done on the inside. There are basically two types of techniques.  In one technique the breast tissue is simply pushed up by tightening the skin envelope. In the other technique, the breast tissue internally is reconstructed and sutured in a higher position and the skin passively follows.  This latter technique is superior to the former.  It makes for a better longer lasting lift with exceptional scars.  Skin incisions generally heal very well if they are without tension.  This latter technique produces almost no tension on the skin and thus produces exceptional scarring.

There is a network of support tissue in every organ called fascia.  This gives strength and support to the organs.  The breast is no exception.  It is this fascia framework that should be used to reconstruct the breast.

Women who are looking to achieve upper pole fullness, should consider breast implants as well.  The breast lift alone, no matter how aggressive cannot produce upper pole fullness.


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