Replacing saline implants with silicone implantsWhether it’s cars, houses or engagement rings, women like to upgrade the important things at some point in life. Did you know that you can upgrade your breast implants, too? This is a particularly good idea if you had saline implants placed years ago but are no longer satisfied with the results. Nowadays, the majority of women actually prefer silicone implants. Miami breast implant surgeon Ary Krau explains the benefits of an upgrade from saline implants to silicone implants.

More Natural Look and Feel

Many women feel that silicone implants provide a look and feel similar to natural breasts. In truth, it comes down to personal preference, so we invite you to evaluate both types of implants in our office.

Along with changing the type of implant, you might be inclined to choose a different size. Perhaps your saline implants are too small or too big for your liking, and you desire a more natural-looking size. We can help you choose a size that reflects your new goals with our Mentor volume sizing kit.

Less Chance of Rippling

Silicone implants are less likely to ripple than saline implants. This is because saline is less viscous than silicone and moves around more in the shell, allowing for a greater degree of folding of the shell. While overflowing the saline implant slightly can counteract this, rippling is generally less of a concern with silicone implants.

Other Considerations

There are a few additional points to keep in mind if you opt to replace your saline implants with a silicone pair.

First, if Dr. Krau chooses to use your original placement incision, he might need to extend it. Saline implants usually require a very small incision; the empty shell is inserted first, and filled using a small port. Silicone implants, on the other hand, come pre-filled from the manufacturer, and require a slightly larger incision. Dr. Krau will use conservative techniques to minimize the visibility of any post-operative scarring.

Another consideration is the nature of the silicone implant filling. Because silicone is stickier and more cohesive than saline (saltwater), an implant tends to hold its shape even if it ruptures or leaks. The silicone gel will stick around the implant. It might not even be apparent that a complication has occurred. For this reason, you should have regular breast imaging to ensure your implants are intact.

Contact Dr. Krau

If you would like to discuss upgrading your saline implants to silicone, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Krau at our Miami plastic surgery practice. Call (305) 861-6881 to make an appointment with the doctor.

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