Tummy Tuck in MiamiIf you are undergoing tummy tuck after having children or losing a significant amount of weight, it is important to understand that the procedure will leave a scar. However, according to Dr. Ary Krau, trusted Miami tummy tuck surgeon, there are things you can do before and after your surgery to increase the possibility of a small, discreet scar.

Factors That Affect How Your Scars Will Look

The following factors influence how your tummy tuck scar will look:
• whether you are prone to visible scarring
• the experience and skill set of your surgeon
• your surgeon’s approach
• how well you follow your aftercare instructions
• whether you develop any complications after surgery
• whether you undergo any treatments or procedures to minimize the scar’s appearance

Tips to Get the Best Scar Possible

One of the best ways to maximize your chances of a small, discreet scar is to select your tummy tuck surgeon carefully. Choose someone who is reputable, has a great portfolio of past results and is candid with you about scarring. During your pre-operative consultation, the surgeon should explain what you can expect your scar to look like. Ideally, he or she can design the surgical plan so the scar sits in a low and inconspicuous location, easily concealed beneath undergarments or bathing suits. You may even want to bring in a pair of underwear or a bikini bottom to the consultation so your surgeon can show you where your tummy tuck scar will be located in relation to the clothing.

Aftercare is important, especially keeping your incision line dry and clean as it heals. Should you notice any signs of infection, such as excessive bleeding or bruising, or severe pain, reach out to your surgeon. Refrain from activities that could put pressure on your abdomen, such as stretching, bending or straining, for at least two weeks after surgery. Be cautious about protecting your healing scar from the sun, as sun exposure can cause your scar to look red and raised.

After the initial recovery period, you can inquire with your surgeon about treatments or products to minimize your scar (e.g., steroid injections or laser treatments).

The final piece of advice is to be patient with your scarring process. It can take up to a year for your scar to “mature” — meaning flatten and fade.

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