Mommy Makeover in MiamiAfter nine months of carrying a baby, your body probably looks a little different than it did before you had kids. You may have battle scars like loose skin that remind you of how tough pregnancy was on your body. Perhaps these unpleasant reminders affect your self-confidence and sense of femininity.

For many years, moms just like you have trusted Dr. Ary Krau to help them reclaim a sexy physique and greater self-confidence. Read on as Dr. Krau reveals the top treatments for tightening loose skin after pregnancy.

Reclaim Your Body After Baby

The areas of the body you are probably most concerned about are your abdomen and breasts. Dr. Krau offers safe, effective procedures to address those problem areas and help you reclaim your former figure.

Loose Abdominal Skin
If you are like most women who have had children, you cannot get the same abdominal tightness you had before children, no matter how clean your diet is or how much you work out. When your abdominal skin and muscles have been stretched as much as they are during pregnancy, it is almost impossible to tighten them without surgery.

Tummy tuck removes excess skin, repairs stretched-out muscles and tightens loose skin to improve the curves and contours of the abdomen. Excess fat is also removed with liposuction techniques to further sculpt the stomach area.

Loose Breast Skin
Pregnancy and breastfeeding cause your breast tissue to engorge and then contract after weaning your baby. Because your skin stretches so much during the period of breast growth, it can end up looking loose and saggy after you finish breastfeeding.

Breast lift surgery removes excess breast skin and tightens the remaining skin. The tissue is lifted higher on the chest wall and tightened for a more youthful and perky breast position.

A Combination Approach

Many of Dr. Krau’s patients opt to combine tummy tuck with breast lift to transform both areas simultaneously. This approach is commonly referred to as a mommy makeover. Combining procedures can help you achieve your ultimate result faster, with only one surgical recovery period.

You might be curious to know what happens if you have more kids after mommy makeover. Although there are no medical or health concerns about getting pregnant after plastic surgery, having more kids will re-stretch out the newly tightened breast and abdominal skin, “undoing” some of the benefits of surgery.

Learn More About Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery

For more information about reclaiming your body after giving birth, Dr. Krau invites you to schedule a consultation with him. Call or email us today to request an appointment.

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