Tummy Tuck for Abdominal Pooch Miami, FLAlmost every woman who has given birth at least once has some degree of a postpartum abdominal pooch or a bulging or protruding belly. Unfortunately, this cosmetic problem cannot be properly treated with diet and exercise.

If you are bothered by an abdominal pooch, top Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau offers a solution: tummy tuck. Read on to find out how tummy tuck can eliminate the abdominal pooch when diet and exercise fail.

Why the Abdominal Pooch Cannot Be Treated with Diet and Exercise

An abdominal pooch is medically known as rectus diastasis. It is caused by the separation of the two large parallel bands of abdominal muscles that meet in the middle of the abdomen. During pregnancy, the muscles stretch out to accommodate the growing baby. After giving birth, the abdominal muscles remain separated, in some cases creating the appearance of a bulging pooch. Some women may experience severe rectus diastasis after giving birth once while others may experience severe rectus diastasis after multiple deliveries.

While diet and exercise are effective in burning fat that has accumulated on and around the abdomen during pregnancy and tightening the core, it cannot treat the muscles that have elongated. In fact, certain exercises can worsen rectus diastasis.

Treating the Abdominal Pooch with Tummy Tuck

Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck corrects weakened or separated abdominal muscles. During the procedure, the muscles are sutured together, reinforcing the abdominal wall and flattening the abdomen. Tummy tuck also eliminates loose, hanging skin that is resistant to diet and exercise. If combined with liposuction, tummy tuck eliminates pockets of fat for a smoother, flatter and more toned abdomen.

Dr. Krau tailors each tummy tuck procedure to the needs and goals of each individual patient. If you are bothered by a bulging abdominal pooch, speak to Dr. Krau and find out if tummy tuck can help. Tummy tuck can be performed as a solo procedure or as part of a mommy makeover, a cosmetic treatment that addresses multiple cosmetic problems brought on by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mommy makeover procedures include tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift and breast augmentation.

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