Breast Augmentation in Miami Lots of factors go into determining the best type of breast implants, but body type is critical. Petite women must ensure that breast augmentation complements their bodies, and does not overwhelm their smaller frames. Top Miami board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau explains what petite women seeking breast implants must take into account before undergoing the procedure.

Breast Implants and the Petite Woman   

Women who are smaller in stature must take care that breast implants do not overwhelm their petite size. That is where a board-certified plastic surgeon is crucial. Experienced surgeons know how to achieve the balance necessary between a woman’s implants and her smaller stature.

Get started by searching out photos of women approximately your size and shape and see what breast size and shape looks good on them. Your plastic surgeon will know whether a similar augmentation will work with you.

Discuss your breast augmentation goals with your plastic surgeon. These include not only the size and shape, but how natural you want your breasts to appear.

Implant Size and Body Type    

Women with small frames have many bodily differences. The type of implant that works best for a larger, broad-shouldered woman will not look as good on a smaller woman with narrow shoulders. Every aspect of the body and how it relates to breast size is considered.

Keep in mind that breast implants, especially for those used to shopping in the petite section, can change what works in your wardrobe. You want to make sure you can find proportional clothing.

Breast Implant Profile

Petite women have three profile options, meaning the projection of the breasts from the chest, for their breast implants:
• Low profile – These implants are wider and usually unsuitable for petite women.
• Moderate profile – For many women, this is the ideal choice for a natural look. It is also the top pick for those with narrow or small chests.
• High profile – While this profile projects more than others, many petite women choose high-profile implants. These implants allow them to go larger in volume without making the chest area look overwhelmed.

Breast Implant Position

Breast implants are placed in the chest in one of two positions: either over the chest muscle or under it. For petite women, the latter choice is usually best. They may not possess adequate skin surface for implant placement over the chest muscle, and performing the procedure that way can make the implants obvious.

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