image049If you’ve been reading the news at all in the past month, you’ve probably heard about the media firestorm that was kicked up following the royal birth, when at least one British newspaper began wondering – in print – about when new mommy Kate Middleton would start to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. No sooner had the report hit the newsstands than readers took to the Internet to loudly voice their outrage over the unrealistic expectations that the article appeared to foster.

Many of those who are unfamiliar with pregnancy and the toll it takes on the human body labor under the misconception that a few sit-ups are all it takes to regain a pre-baby figure. In fact, although a regular exercise program can help women get back into shape, most women are unable to regain the body shape they had prior to being pregnant.

Pregnancy causes the body to undergo an incredible number of changes. Hormonal changes and the growth of the developing baby cause weight gain in the breasts, belly, thighs and even buttocks, and fluctuations in the levels of hormones can also take a significant toll on the quality of your skin. That means that even once the “baby weight” is lost, many women are left with sagging skin, stretch marks and even blotchy or uneven skin tone that no amount of diet and exercise can erase.

That’s why today, many mothers are turning to what have become popularly known as “mommy makeovers,” a series of one or more procedures that are designed to help women look their best following pregnancy. Mommy makeovers frequently include tummy tucks, breast lifts, breast augmentation and skin rejuvenation procedures, and may also address other areas, like the buttocks, thighs and upper arms.

Because the body will change on its own for weeks and even months following birth, for optimum and long-lasting results, mommy makeovers are performed once breastfeeding is over and after the mother’s weight has stabilized.

If the public outcry in the U.K. has taught us anything, it’s that no woman – not even a future queen – should feel pressured to meet someone else’s standards of beauty; but for those women who want to regain their pre-pregnancy appearance, it is nice to know there are options.

If you’ve had a baby and you’re interested in learning about the options available to you, contact Dr. Krau today to schedule a consultation.

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