Back to school time usually means a new wardrobe and new supplies for students. When you send your kids off to school, you might also consider investing in a new look for yourself. Kick off the back to school season by traveling to Miami for a Mommy Makeover performed Dr. Ary Krau.

Domestic Travel

You might have heard of the trend of traveling to another country to undergo a plastic surgery procedure at a discounted rate. While the lower price in a foreign country can seem appealing, the risks involved in traveling to an area where there is no regulation or credentials to check can be great.

When you travel for surgery, you want to do the same research you would if you chose to receive your Mommy Makeover closer to home. For example, choose a board-certified surgeon, like Dr. Krau. You also want to find out about the surgeon’s experience before you agree to the surgery.

Enjoying Time in Miami

It's a good idea to arrive in Miami a few days before your surgery. Giving yourself a few extra days in Miami means you have some "me" time, which is usually a must after a long summer spent with the kids. Take a vacation from your summer vacation by enjoying all that the Bal Harbor area has to offer. The staff at Dr. Krau's office can recommend activities and events to help you fill the days before your surgery.

Before You Travel

You might need to adjust some habits before you head to Miami for a makeover procedure. If you started smoking after your pregnancies, now is the time to quit. It’s also recommended that you cut down on any alcohol consumption and that you’ve lost any lingering baby weight before you undergo the procedures.

Recovery and Follow-Up

It’s a good idea to travel with someone when you come to Miami for surgery, so that you have someone to bring you back to your hotel after the procedures. Give yourself a few days to recover before you head home. Talk to Dr. Krau about scheduling any follow-up appointments and for advice on when it will be safe to head back home.

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