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When is the best time of year for plastic surgery? Although cosmetic procedures can achieve fantastic results year-round, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau confirms that the winter months are often the most convenient for his patients. In this blog, he explains why you may want to schedule your procedure toward the beginning of the year in Miami.

Planning for Summer

Like many people, you may not give much thought to your “summer body” until spring arrives. However, if you are considering plastic surgery to tone your physique, earlier planning is preferable. Because of the length of time it takes to fully recover from some procedures, it makes sense to schedule surgery in the winter months to ensure that you are ready for the beach by June. While patients who choose surgery in spring are often ready to show off their bodies before the summer is over, if you want to be sure that your swelling and bruising will have subsided in time for swimsuit season, then winter is smartest.

The Winter Months Are Convenient for Recovery

Overall, people live more sedentary lifestyles in the winter. Especially once the holidays have passed, you are probably more inclined to stay indoors due to the cooler weather. You might as well plan your recovery period so that it corresponds with the winter months to avoid having to decline social opportunities.

The cooler temperatures also mean that everyone will be wearing warmer clothing like pants, jackets and sweatshirts. These items are great for covering up your healing body when you do end up leaving your home. Strangers should not be able to see bruises or scars when you wear layers.

Not from Miami? No Problem

Miami is considered the plastic surgery capital of the United States. Due to the talent of the local plastic surgeons and the high volume of procedures performed in the city, people from all over the country travel to Miami for amazing cosmetic results.

Winter is a great time to visit Miami because it is likely warmer than wherever you may be coming from, while also not being unbearably hot at this time of year. The food and sightseeing are also great if you should want to vacation here ahead of your surgery. Because Dr. Krau regularly treats patients from all over the world, he and his friendly staff can recommend comfortable accommodations to make your stay an amazing experience.

Schedule a Winter Surgery with Dr. Krau

Voted the best plastic surgeon in Miami, Dr. Krau should be your top pick for cosmetic enhancement. With superior techniques, he can transform your breasts and body so you are excited for swimsuit season this summer. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Krau, please call (305) 861-6881.

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