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While most plastic surgery procedures aim to make patients look better and feel more confident, certain surgeries can make life easier. Breast reduction surgery may be the best example of this. Women who have had reduction mammaplasty report having a higher quality of life years and decades after their surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau shares some of the ways his patients’ lives have improved.

Active Lifestyle

Most people tend to underestimate just how much harder it is for women with large breasts to maneuver — particularly when it comes to exercise. Activities like stretching and jogging become so much easier with smaller breasts. For that reason, some women discover that they have an easier time losing weight after breast reduction. Even if weight loss is not the goal, it is nice to be able to accept social activities to play sports and games with your friends.

Decrease in Pain and Irritation

Large breasts are not just cumbersome, they can also be a source of pain. Women who carry around excess weight on their chests are at increased risk for chronic back, neck and/or shoulder pain. After breast reduction, they are pleased to discover that this pain has disappeared.

Rashes and chafing are also common for women with large breasts. The amount of skin-to-skin contact (not to mention the amount of sweat that forms beneath the breasts) decreases when the breasts no longer hang as low on the chest.

Clothing Gets Easier

Shopping for clothing is difficult for women with large breasts. Many brands do not sell clothing in their size. Furthermore, certain types of clothing like tank tops and swimsuits feel off-limits because they look “risqué” on bigger breasts even if they would not for a woman with a more average frame. Once the breasts are in proportion to the rest of a woman’s body, her clothing options expand. It doesn’t hurt to have an excuse to increase your wardrobe, either.

Less Unwanted Attention

Even when wearing conservative clothing, women with large breasts have trouble avoiding stares from strangers. Most women do not want that kind of attention at the time, so having the choice to cover up and receive less scrutiny while in public is generally a positive development.

Interested in Breast Reduction?

No matter your reasons for seeking breast reduction, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Krau is available to help you achieve beautiful, life-changing results. To schedule a consultation with one of Miami’s most reputable doctors, please call (305) 861-6881 today.

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