Breast Surgery Bay Harbor IslandsEvery woman wants to feel confident in her appearance. For many, that comes in the form of youthful, attractive bodily contour. This can often be achieved with breast surgery, which can produce the silhouette you’ve always wanted. As you consider breast surgery, you will have to decide if you are comfortable with your cleavage as is. Dr. Ary Krau discusses how breast surgery can enhance your cleavage and give you the body you desire.

Are You Satisfied With Your Cleavage?

Cleavage refers to breast closeness and is a common request from women who are considering breast surgery. Women with small breasts often notice that they are farther apart, leaving them with little to no cleavage. They often desire breasts that are closer together, which can improve their appearance in certain clothing. If you are unsatisfied with your cleavage and considering breast surgery, it is important to bring this up to Dr. Krau, who will factor your desired results into your treatment plan.

Best Breast Surgery for Cleavage

When it comes to breast surgery, the desired amount of cleavage is as important a decision as volume, implant size, and implant type. Breast augmentation is a great choice for giving you the cleavage you desire. For some patients, simply increasing the size of the breasts can improve cleavage; however, this is not the case for all. Breasts that are farther apart may not gain ample cleavage even after augmentation. As your treatment plan is being created, Dr. Krau evaluate your anatomy and make note of the following key factors:

  • breastbone
  • chest wall
  • nipple position
  • amount of cleavage desired

Dr. Krau will then determine the best implant size, shape, and positioning for cleavage. Although implants placed closer together can bring volume to the upper pole of the breast and help with the appearance of cleavage, the result may be slight if other factors are not considered. Generally, the implant should be in alignment with the nipple; implants that are too off-centered from the nipple may appear unnatural.  For example, implants that are placed higher up may give you more cleavage but may appear less natural than other placements. Likewise, implants cannot be placed too close together, or the area of demarcation becomes less defined, creating an unflattering effect.

Breast Surgery by Dr. Krau

Experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Krau is well-versed in breast surgery techniques that can improve cleavage. He consistently combines extensive experience with dedication to patient satisfaction, and is committed to giving you the results you desire. If you are ready to learn more about your surgical options for enhancing your cleavage, call the office at (305) 861-6881 or book a consultation.

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