proportional enhanced breasts Miami You have a number of decisions to make when enhancing your breasts with implants. You have to decide on the type of implant, the incision location and the size of the implant. Implant size is important when ensuring that your enhanced breasts are proportional. While the decision is ultimately up to you, you do not have to make it alone. Your plastic surgeon can help you decide on the best implants to match your frame.

The best plastic surgeon to help you with your decision is a plastic surgeon who has extensive breast augmentation experience. Dr. Ary Krau is a well-known plastic surgeon in Miami. He has focused much of his career on providing patients with the beautiful breasts that they desire. Here, Dr. Krau provides his best tips for ensuring your enhanced breasts are proportional and match your frame.

Talk to an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Experience matters when it comes to ensuring that your enhanced breasts are proportional. An experienced plastic surgeon will take the time to understand your expectations and to explain your options. They will also have the skills necessary to safely and effectively perform your breast augmentation procedure.

Dr. Krau is a leading plastic surgeon in Miami. He performs more than 1,500 breast augmentation procedures annually. This is the level of expertise you need to ensure that your breast implants are proportional.

Discuss Your Expectations

Open communication with your plastic surgeon is crucial to getting the beautiful and proportional breasts that you desire. Everyone has different expectations and needs when it comes to breast enhancement. As a patient it is important that you openly and honestly discuss your expectations with your plastic surgeon.

Try On Different Sizes

Size does matter when it comes to breast enhancement. It is impossible to know exactly how implants will look and feel on your body until after surgery. However, you can get an idea of your ideal implant size by “trying on” different volumes. Dr. Krau offers patients the option of using an implant sizer kit to try on different implant sizes before surgery.

Sometimes proportionality means evening out a size difference between breasts. With the implant sizer kit, you can also experiment with different implant sizes to even out differences between the left and right breasts.

Schedule a Breast Enhancement Consultation

If you are interested in breast enhancement, you should schedule a consultation with Miami’s leading plastic surgeon Dr. Krau. Call (305) 861-6881 or request a consultation online. 

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