Breast Augmentation in Bay Harbor IslandsOne of the main reasons that breast augmentation is such a popular procedure is how customizable it is for patients. Women have many choices when it comes to breast implants, which allows them to attain their preferred breast profile. Below, board-certified plastic surgeon Ary Krau, MD, describes some of the most important decisions patients like you make during the consultation phase so that they get the results they have always dreamt of.

Implant Size

Do you want to slightly enhance the volume of your breasts or give your bust a dramatic increase? Fortunately, both options are attainable with breast implants. Sizes range from 100cc to 1200cc, with most patients choosing something between 300cc and 400cc. Dr. Krau will help you select the perfect size to create your preferred profile. You will have an opportunity to “try on” your implants so that you can feel confident that the proportions are correct before you have surgery.

Implant Filling

Another important consideration is the type of implant. Implants are generally filled with two main substances: saline and silicone. Saline implants require a smaller incision since they can be filled after inserted in the breast. Silicone implants tend to look and feel fuller and more natural. Silicone implants come in two shapes: round and anatomical, or “gummy bear,” the latter of which creates a natural sloping shape. Dr. Krau can discuss all the advantages of each type of implant during a consultation.

Where the Implant Is Inserted

Dr. Krau’s surgical approach changes slightly depending on your preferences. Specifically, where he places the incisions (through which he inserts the implants) can be modified. Most patients choose to place their scars along their lower breast crease because scarring is more hidden. Many others want their incisions around the areola, where scarring is also hard. Some even choose to have implants inserted through their armpits or belly button. Dr. Krau can discuss a surgical approach that makes you feel most comfortable.

Your Surgeon

When it comes to achieving great breast augmentation results, the most important decision you will make is who you select to perform the surgery. The best surgeons have great credentials and stunning before-and-after photo galleries to demonstrate their quality of work.

Dr. Krau is an elite surgeon who performs about 1,500 breast augmentation surgeries each year, thanks to his professionalism, experience, and superior technique. To schedule a consultation, please call (305) 861-6881. Online consultations are available for out-of-town patients. 

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