Breastfeeding with implantsA common question that Dr. Ary Krau fields from his breast augmentation patients is, “Can I breastfeed with implants?” Unfortunately, there are a lot of rumors circulating about breast implants and breastfeeding, and many women have received incorrect information. Here, Dr. Krau, a plastic surgeon in Miami, sets the record straight and puts your worries to rest.

Dispelling the Myth

The truth is that the majority of women with implants are able to breastfeed normally. If you already have breast implants, it is unlikely that they will affect your ability to breastfeed.

If you are considering having breast implants placed, and future breastfeeding is important to you, you should discuss this with Dr. Krau during your surgical consultation. He needs to know of your plans and goals as he designs your surgical treatment plan, because this information will influence how he performs your surgery.

For example, the periareolar incision approach (a small incision around the nipple) may raise the risk of problems with milk ejection and production. Knowing that you want to breastfeed in the future, Dr. Krau will use another incision pattern when placing your implants, such as the inframammary approach (in the crease of the breast) or the transaxillary approach (through the armpit).

Additional Considerations

Some women worry that implants could leak and potentially contaminate their breast milk. This is extremely unlikely, as modern breast implants are very safe and strong. In fact, the newest silicone implants cannot leak; they are filled with a highly cohesive gel that has the consistency of a gummy bear candy.

If you are currently breastfeeding, Dr. Krau will not perform surgery. You need to wean your child before undergoing breast augmentation.

It is wise to wait until you are finished weaning your children to have implants placed, because your breast tissue and skin elasticity will change after pregnancy and nursing. Once your breast size and shape has stabilized, you and Dr. Krau can design a surgical breast treatment plan that addresses your cosmetic concerns and delivers your desired aesthetic outcome. This plan could combine the placement of breast implants with breast lift to improve the size, shape and position of your post-baby breasts.

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