Breast Implant FAQYou already have the answers to the basic questions concerning breast implants. Still, there are things you’d like to know but aren’t sure about asking. Here board-certified Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau answers some of the questions about breast implants you might be afraid to ask.  

Will Breast Implants Make Me Gain Weight?

Even if you opt for much larger breasts, the implants won’t cause significant weight gain. At best, you might find your weight has increased by a pound or two. If you find yourself gaining weight after breast augmentation surgery, it’s safe to say the two events are unrelated. Ask your primary care doctor about the right diet and exercise program to keep yourself at a healthy weight.

Do Breast Implants Freeze When It Is Very Cold?

In extreme temperatures, breast implants made of saline or silicone can freeze. However, that freezing point is minus 28 Fahrenheit for saline implants and minus 67 degrees Fahrenheit for the silicone variety. Even in very cold temperatures, your body heat prevents implants from freezing. If you find yourself in such extreme temperatures, you’ll have other problems on your plate besides frozen implants.

Can Sexual Activity Cause Breast Implants to Rupture?

This is a frequent concern for women. Ruptures are always possible with implants. That said, the odds are against such a rupture happening during sexual activity. If you do experience breast pain, then there is a slight potential of a rupture occurring.

Ruptures most often occur in older implants due to normal aging. Chest trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident, can result in rupture. Saline leaks out quickly, so the rupture is immediately apparent. Because of its gel form, it takes silicone longer to leak out, and the free silicone can get trapped in the scar tissue surrounding the implant. The leakage may have been going on for a while before it becomes obvious. For this reason, imaging tests are recommended every few years to ensure the integrity of silicone implants.

Are Breast Implants Tax-Deductible?

This is a question best referred to an accountant. However, it is unlikely that your breast implants are tax-deductible.

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