Plastic Surgery in MiamiPlastic surgery does not give you a free pass on exercising or eating a healthy diet. In fact, you will see the best and most lasting results from your desired plastic surgery procedure if you commit yourself to following healthy habits like a balanced diet, portion control and regular exercise. Here, Dr. Ary Krau explains why.

Weight Maintenance

If you are planning to undergo a body contouring procedure like liposuction or tummy tuck, diet and exercise are important for a few reasons. These habits can help you achieve (or get close to) your ideal weight prior to surgery, which allows your surgeon to plan the best possible procedure; this increases the chances that you will be satisfied with the final results. Also, maintaining your weight through diet and exercise after surgery means your results are more likely to last for a very long time.

Healthy, Glowing Skin

A healthy diet is just as important if you are planning to undergo a facial rejuvenation procedure such as facelift. Consuming nutritious foods has a positive effect on the way your skin looks, maximizing the results of your procedure. Lifting and tightening your skin with facelift will not produce a good end result if your skin looks dehydrated or has poor texture due to a bad diet. Also, keeping your weight stable and avoiding fluctuations means your skin won’t become loose and saggy.

Lower Risk of Complications

What you put in your body influences your overall health. And the healthier you are, the lower your risk of complications during and after surgery. If you are very overweight or have poor vitals, you may be at risk of problems like infection or an adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Smoother Recovery

If you are in the habit of exercising and eating healthfully at the time you undergo surgery, you are more likely to have a smoother and shorter recovery. The nutrients you get from your diet will fuel your body to recuperate from the stress of surgery, and a regular exercise routine is good for your cardiovascular health and immune system.

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What you may not realize about the link between a healthy lifestyle and plastic surgery is that many patients are inspired by their improved appearance and motivated to maintain healthy habits after surgery.

For more information about the plastic surgery procedure you may be considering, please contact Dr. Krau today. Our entire team would be happy to discuss how to achieve the best and most lasting results.

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