aryYou probably wouldn't bring your imported car to a mechanic who is only experienced in repairing domestic vehicles. Although the mechanic can repair certain types of cars, he or she might have the experience needed to properly fix yours. The same is true when choosing a plastic surgeon. Technically, any doctor can perform plastic surgery. But, only board-certified surgeons, such as Dr. Ary Krau, in Miami, have proven their experience and training.

What Board Certified Means

The initial step to earning board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery is to earn a medical degree from an accredited medical school. Getting the degree is just the start of the certification process, though. After a doctor graduates from medical school, he or she must also complete an extra seven years of training. Five years of training are in general surgery and a minimum of two years are specifically in plastic surgery. After training, the surgeon needs to pass both written and oral examinations before he or she earns certification from the board.

What All That Training Means

Repeated practice helps people improve their skill, including plastic surgeons. The more training and experience a surgeon gains performing various surgical procedures, the better he or she becomes at the procedures. During the residency and fellowship, a surgeon learns to perform surgery on the face as well as the body. A board-certified plastic surgeon also has the knowledge and ability to prevent emergency situations during a procedure and has comprehensive understanding of how the systems of the body work together.


Becoming board-certified not only means that a doctor has passed rigorous testing and training. It also means he or she agrees to and follows the American Board of Plastic Surgery's Code of Ethics. Following the code of ethics, a surgeon can't lie about his or her training, be convicted of a crime, or lie in any way.

Finding a Surgeon

Board-certified plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Krau, are proud to let their patients know that they have earned certification. Always ask your surgeon if he or she is certified before agreeing to undergo surgery. If you aren't sure if a surgeon is really certified, you can look him or her up on the American Board of Plastic Surgery's website.

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