gallery-3If you want to eliminate sagging breasts, there is an answer beyond implants. A mastopexy, or breast lift, involves your surgeon making a few incisions to remove skin and raise and firm your breasts. A breast lift will alter the contour of the breast to recreate more fullness.  Many women who choose to have this surgery are very pleased with the results—their breasts can be returned to the fullness and shape they had when they were younger or before pregnancy.

Depending on your breast shape and size, and the lift needed, your surgeon will use one of a few common techniques to complete the procedure. Optimally, your surgeon will aim to use the technique that creates the most lift with the least amount of incisions, which will reduce scarring and speed healing.

The below techniques are listed from most invasive to the least invasive procedures. In general, the more invasive the technique, the bigger the incision and the bigger the lift are.

Anchor lift is used to correct significant breast droop, and it’s commonly used in conjunction with a breast reduction. This is the most invasive technique where an incision is made around the areola, down from the areola to the breast crease and along the breast crease in an anchor shape. This technique relies on tightening the skin to maintain breast shape, which overtime is not as effective or long-lasting as other techniques.

Lollipop lift or keyhole incision is less invasive than the anchor lift and can be used to correct a moderate degree of sagging. An incision is made around the areola and down to the breast crease. It may be technically referred to as a vertical scar mastoplexy. This procedure produces dramatically less scarring than the horizontal (anchor) incision, and typically lasts longer than an anchor lift.

Benelli lift or doughnut lift is even less invasive, and only requires an incision around the aereola. It may also be called a peri-areola incision. Women with mild to moderate sagging may benefit from this technique. This procedure, when combined with implants, often leads to very satisfactory results.

Crescent lift is the least invasive of all the lift techniques. The surgeon makes a small crescent-shaped incision at the top of the areola to tighten the skin. It’s best for women with very mild sagging or women who undergo a lift procedure in conjunction with implants.

Dr. Krau has pioneered his own technique, a form of vertical mammoplasty, that not only has less scarring than traditional breast lifts but also provides better shape with longer lasting results. Read more about Dr. Krau’s success and experience with breast lifts in the Miami area.

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