Dermal filler treatment in MiamiIf you want to quickly and easily reduce facial folds and wrinkles, dermal fillers are a non-invasive option with zero downtime and minimal side effects.

Injectable dermal fillers are a popular means of achieving a smoother, more youthful appearance among both men and women.

If you’re interested in getting dermal fillers and want to learn more about what you can expect after the procedure is done, Dr. Ary Krau discusses what you need to know below.

Quick Recovery with No Downtime

While every patient is different, most people make a full recovery within 1 to 2 days. How quickly a patient recovers depends on where the fillers were injected and the extent of the procedure.

In most cases, zero downtime is needed and patients can get back to work and their regular activities right away.

However, patients should avoid strenuous physical activity and drinking alcohol for the first couple of days post-treatment. The fillers need time to settle, and to minimize bruising and swelling, the injection site needs time to heal.

Little to No Discomfort or Side Effects

Dermal fillers are virtually pain free, and no general anesthesia is needed. However, some doctors do like using either a local anesthetic or a topical numbing cream.

After the procedure is done, patients may experience some tenderness at the injection site, lasting up to a week. Other potential side effects include bruising, redness, some bleeding, and hypersensitivity or numbness.

Side effects are generally mild and clear up quickly, and many patients experience no side effects whatsoever. Any discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Infections do sometimes occur, but they are rare, and the risks are low as long as the patient is treated by a qualified, experienced doctor.

Immediate Improvement in Appearance

With some non-invasive facial procedures, patients need to receive multiple treatments to see results. But with dermal fillers, patients see a noticeable improvement in their facial lines and wrinkles after just one treatment.

Facial areas treated with fillers can sometimes look swollen or over-filled immediately post-treatment. But as swelling subsides, results improve. This typically takes no more than a couple of days.

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