Breast Reduction in MiamiHow well you recover from breast reduction can affect your final result. Having accurate information about the recovery process and following your doctor’s instructions can help you enjoy a smooth recovery and the best possible aesthetic result. Read on as Dr. Ary Krau provides an overview of what you can expect after breast reduction.

Common Aftereffects

Expect your breasts to be bruised, swollen and sore after surgery; the worst of these aftereffects should subside within approximately two to three weeks of surgery. Residual swelling can take several months to resolve.

Mild discomfort is also to be expected, but pain can be controlled with prescription or over-the-counter medication. If you have severe pain or the pain is long lasting, let Dr. Krau know during a follow-up visit.

Some patients experience a wide range of emotions during the breast reduction recovery — feeling elated one day and exhausted or defeated the next. Try to keep in mind that these emotional highs and lows are temporary and will pass. Talk to Dr. Krau or a member of our staff if you have serious concerns.

Incision Care

You will receive instructions from our team about how to keep your surgical incisions clean and dry. In general, you should avoid wearing anything that could irritate your incision, such as wearing bras with underwire or sleeping on your stomach.

If you have drains placed during surgery to collect excess fluid, they will be removed at your first follow-up appointment.

Easing Back Into Normal Activities

In the days and weeks initially following breast reduction, you will probably feel a little more tired than usual, and your range of motion will be limited. Focus on resting your body so it can recuperate from surgery. When you have the energy, try to take short walks to prevent blood clots and excessive swelling. Avoid bending, lifting anything heavy or straining your body for approximately two weeks after surgery.

Most patients return to work one to two weeks after surgery. You may need to take more time off from work if your job is physically demanding. You can ease back into exercise about four to six weeks after surgery, when your full range of motion returns.

Do not push yourself to resume work or strenuous activities unless it feels good to you. Rushing back to physical activities before your body is ready could set your recovery back or lead to complications.

Follow-up Care

Dr. Krau’s goal is to help you enjoy a smooth, safe recovery. He is dedicated to providing detailed instructions about recovery and closely monitoring your recovery through follow-up visits. He is always available to take a phone call or answer an email if you have a quick question.

If you would like to find out whether you are a candidate for breast reduction, or you have questions about the recovery process, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Krau.

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