Rhinoplasty in MiamiIf you are not happy with your nose’s appearance, rhinoplasty can give you the look you always wanted. Miami board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau has performed thousands of such surgeries over the past 20 years, and explains what you need to know about rhinoplasty before taking the plunge.

Qualified Surgeon

It is no secret that a successful rhinoplasty depends on surgical skill. That is why you must choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with a good track record. Keep in mind that even if you are undergoing rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes, the surgeon must ensure that breathing functionality is not impaired. There is a precision necessary in rhinoplasty to achieve the desired result that takes considerable expertise.

Rhinoplasty is definitely something you must get right the first time, as rhinoplasty correction is a difficult procedure. Do your research when considering plastic surgeons and only consider those with board certification. This rigorous process means the surgeon has earned their profession’s top credentials.

Realistic Expectations

It is critical for patients to hold realistic expectations about their rhinoplasty results. The goal is to improve nose aesthetics. Once healed, your appearance should improve, but your life will not magically change.

Many patients want a nose like that of a particular celebrity. That person’s nose may not suit your face. Your surgeon will discuss the right type of nose to complement your features. All rhinoplasties are custom-designed for the individual patient’s face.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty consists of two main types: open and closed. The open procedure is used for major nasal reshaping. The surgeon makes incisions in the columella, the skin strip that separates the nostrils. By raising skin and underlying soft tissues from the nasal structure, the surgeon is able to view the nose’s total anatomy.

The closed operation is done inside the nose when only minor reshaping is needed.

If a prior rhinoplasty did not turn out well, a revision rhinoplasty is done.

Rhinoplasty Recovery   

Downtime for recovering from rhinoplasty is generally one to two weeks. That means you can go out in public again with little, if any, swelling or bruising on the nose.

However, it can take a year or more before total healing, and the nose’s long-term appearance, occurs.

Insurance May Apply

Health insurance will not cover cosmetic procedures. However, if your rhinoplasty is necessary due to breathing issues, your medical insurance may pay for all or part of the operation.

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