Minimize post-operative scarringOne of the most asked-about aspects of plastic surgery is scarring. The truth is that anytime the body is cut into, it leaves a scar as part of the body’s natural healing response. While scars fade significantly over time, in many cases they never disappear completely. However, there are many things that you and your plastic surgeon can do to minimize scarring. Here, leading Miami plastic surgeon Ary Krau shares his best tips.

Pick the Right Surgeon

Surgical technique plays a big role in how an incision will heal and scar. Choosing an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Krau is important because you want a surgeon that knows how to place the incisions, how to handle the body’s tissues and how to close the incisions for the least noticeable scars.

Use Products as Prescribed

After surgery, you may receive prescriptions for topical creams or ointments from Dr. Krau to apply to the surgical incision site. Use these products as prescribed to keep the area clean and protect it from bacteria and infection.

Hydrate and Eat Right

Getting adequate hydration and eating nutritious meals are two of the best things you can do as you recover. The idea is to fuel your body and boost your immune system with as many nutrients and antioxidants as possible.

Refrain From Picking Scabs

If your surgical wound area starts to scab, avoid picking at it. The scab is in place to protect the healing wound until it has closed up. Scabs fall off naturally when they are ready and do not need you to pick at them or accelerate the process.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking is terrible for scar formation because it diminishes your body’s ability to carry oxygen to the healing tissues. During your pre-operative consultation, Dr. Krau will tell you that you need to stop smoking several weeks prior to surgery; it’s a good idea to refrain from picking the habit back up after surgery.

Light Exercise for Good Blood Flow

Exercising promotes healthy circulation. It is critical for the surgical wound site to get the nutrients and oxygen it needs for tissue regeneration. Exercising after surgery gets your heart pumping and your blood circulating. However, don’t jump back into exercising after surgery without clearing it with Dr. Krau. He might want you to stick with low-impact exercise like walking during your initial recovery.

Ask about Silicone Sheeting and Other Scar Products

Many doctors encourage the use of flat silicone sheeting to protect the incision site and prevent it from drying out or becoming raised. Some claim that the sheets help to control redness, swelling, scar thickness and itching. Ask Dr. Krau what he thinks about silicone sheeting (or similar alternatives).

One Factor You Cannot Control

Unfortunately, one factor that affects scarring but is out of your control is genetics. Some people are more predisposed than others to developing prominent scars. Upon examination during consultation, Dr. Krau can determine whether your skin is more likely to scar and explain what he can do to work around this.

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