Some cosmetic procedures such as injections and fillers have a short recovery time. But if you decide to undergo a surgical procedure, you can expect to have a significantly longer recovery time. The exact length of recovery varies from patient to patient. In some cases, it can be just a few days. In others, it can be as long as a few months. Dr. Krau recommends that all patients give their bodies ample time to heal after a surgery for the best results.

Enlist Help

The recovery period after your surgery is an ideal time to call in those favors that your friends and relatives might owe you. You'll want to take it easy during this time. It's important to have people around to help you with daily tasks such as preparing meals or tidying up the home. If you're taking prescription pain relievers, you'll want to have a person available to drive you places.

Food and Drink

You can go back to eating the same types of food that you ate pre-surgery. Along with eating a healthy diet, it's imperative that you drink plenty of fluids. Water will help your body heal and can help ease constipation that often occurs when you take prescription pain relievers. If you had facial surgery, talk to your doctor before the procedure about how to eat and drink after surgery. Foods that require a lot of chewing or the use of a straw are usually not ideal right after a facelift, as they strain the facial muscles.

Rest and Relaxation

Think of the recovery period after surgery as a good time to accomplish certain chores or tasks that you’re usually too busy to do. It can be a great time to start and finish reading this year’s popular novel or to catch up on a season of your favorite TV show. If you had eyelid surgery, audio books will come in handy. You can also learn a new hobby as you recover, such as knitting or painting. The recovery period can also be a time for you to take a break from the business of your daily life.

Doctor's Orders

It's essential that you adhere to the advice of your plastic surgeon while you recover. Only take pain medication as prescribed or directed. If you are in a lot of pain, even with medicine, call the office and ask for help. You'll want to return to the doctor's office regularly for follow up visits. These visits are important, as they will let the doctor check your progress and confirm that you are healing properly.


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