Breast Augmentation cost MiamiBreast augmentation can restore the fullness, shape and volume of your breasts. They can boost your self-confidence and enhance your appearance. If you’re ready for breast augmentation, it’s important to learn about the procedure—and your surgeon’s experience—beforehand.

One of the most common procedures in Dr. Ary Krau’s office, breast augmentation seems simple on the surface. But every part of the procedure, from where the incisions are made and where the implants are placed, can have a dramatic effect on the outcome and results for a patient.

Dr. Krau, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami, works with each individual to determine the optimal placement of implants to get the desired fullness, size, look and feel. He creates the optimal blueprint for each patient’s new body contour and works meticulously to perfect the results.

Depending on the breast tissue and anatomy, implants can be placed below the pectoral muscles, or submuscular, or beneath the breast tissues, or subglandular.

• In submuscular placement, the muscle serves to provide soft tissue coverage and creates a more natural contour of the upper part of the breast. For women who have less natural breast tissue, submuscular placement helps the breasts look more natural and less like an implant. Similarly, the muscle can provide pressure to the implant, particularly saline implants, to create a more natural slope above the nipple.

• Subglandular implants on the other hand tend to be a better fit for women with more of their own breast tissue, and for those who are choosing a silicone implant. Silicone is less stiff than saline, and as such will slope more naturally on the upper portion of the breast. Most women report that silicone implants above the muscle feel more natural and softer in their bodies.

Talking with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon will provide insight and clarity regarding what kind and what implant placement is best for your breast augmentation and best for your body.

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