Breast Implants Miami FLBreast augmentation is a transformative surgery that helps to provide women with the physique they always dreamed of. If you have been considering enhancing your breast profile with implants, the next step is to meet with a reputable surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Elite plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau recommends that you ask the following questions during a breast augmentation consultation:

“Do You Recommend a Certain Type of Implant?”

Plastic surgeons generally carry a few styles of implants. For example, Dr. Krau offers saline implants (filled with a saltwater solution), round silicone implants and teardrop-shaped silicone implants.

Because the implants become a part of your body, it is most important that you feel comfortable and happy with the texture and shape of the implant selected. However, it is worth having this discussion with your surgeon to hear his or her professional opinion on factors like safety, durability and which implant can best achieve your desired appearance.

“Which Incision Option Is Best for Me?”

Plastic surgeons typically use one of three incision sites to insert breast implants:

  • Inframammary, which places the incision along the natural crease where the breast meets the chest
  • Periareolar, which places the incision around the outside of the areola
  • Transaxillary, which places the incision beneath the armpit

Ultimately, your personal preference matters greatly since you are determining where the scarring will be on your body. With that said, your surgeon may suggest one approach over another based on the kind of implant you have selected and a variety of factors specific to your body, lifestyle and aesthetic goals.

“How Will My Implants Look on My Body?”

Discussing size and shape is an important part of getting your desired results from breast augmentation surgery, but it usually takes seeing them on your body to know whether it was the precise look you were hoping to achieve. You will have the opportunity to try on implant samples so that you can find the exact size you want.

No Question Is Too Trivial

The main goal of your pre-surgery appointments is to develop a rapport with your surgeon and to communicate openly so that you are completely confident with your decision. Do not worry about a question seeming too silly or dumb. A great surgeon has probably heard the question before and also understands the importance of you being fully informed about the procedure.

To have breast augmentation with an internationally recognized plastic surgeon in Miami, schedule a consultation with Dr. Krau. You can reach his friendly staff with an email or by calling (305) 861-6881.

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