Why proportion matters in plastic surgeryOne of the markers of an attractive face and body is balance and harmony between the features. Individuals with features that are out of proportion with each other may experience chronic problems with self-esteem and confidence.

Plastic surgery procedures intended to improve the proportions of the face and body should be performed by a surgeon with strong technical and artistic sensibilities. The success of a procedure (especially a facial procedure) may hinge on what amounts to a few millimeters.

Dr. Ary Krau is the international plastic surgeon of choice for individuals that desire a balanced and harmonious appearance. Here, he discusses popular procedures that can improve the proportions of the face and body.

Breast Surgery

Many women feel self-conscious of breasts that are too big or too small for their physique. Breast reduction surgery involves removing excess breast tissue to bring the breasts into better proportion with the patient’s body. During the treatment planning process, Dr. Krau works closely with the candidate to determine exactly how much tissue should be removed to produce the desired results. Oversized areolas can also be adjusted to look more proportionate to the revised breast.

Breast augmentation candidates have the freedom to choose the implants that will best fulfill their goals. Women that desire a proportional result should select implants based on their height, weight and chest width. Dr. Krau and his professional staff are excellent resources to help with the selection process.

Facial Plastic Surgery

When looking at a face front-on, imagine two parallel lines extending from the inner corners of the eyes to the nostrils. Ideally, the nose should be positioned within those two lines. The base of the nose should be triangular, and the nostrils should be symmetrical in shape and size. Rhinoplasty modifications can help adjust any of these elements to produce a more proportionate nose.

The size and shape of the chin can influence the appearance of the nose. For example, a receding chin may cause a patient’s nose to appear larger than it is. In this case, the chin can be augmented with an implant. On the other hand, a protruding chin can also throw off facial proportions. The cartilage and bone may be surgically adjusted to reduce a prominent or jutting chin, and improve the overall facial proportions.

A Balanced, More Beautiful You

If you feel that an area of your face or body looks “off,” and you would like to enjoy a more proportional and balanced looking appearance, Dr. Krau can help. Please call (305) 861-6881 to request an appointment with the doctor and discuss treatment options.

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