How Can I Fix a Muffin Top?The consultation is complete, your surgery date is booked and your appointment for pre-surgery blood work is just around the corner. If you’re nervous about your surgery, you’re not alone. Any elective cosmetic surgery can be scary and leave you feeling uneasy.

Even when uncertainty looms before your procedure, adopt a positive mindset and attitude about your experience, recovery and healing. A positive outlook goes a long way toward helping healing and relaxation. Turn your anxiety into excitement over the rejuvenated self you’ll be after recovery.

Here are a few more tips about preparing for surgery:

1. Ask your surgeon questions. From consultation to recovery, you’ll have questions and concerns about the procedure. Prepare a list of questions before your appointments, or if it’s urgent, call the office regarding your concerns.

2. Prepare your home for recovery. Depending on your procedure, you can expect some pain, swelling or discomfort while healing. Your body is working overtime to recover from the procedure—and your mind will be doing the same. Get off work for the appropriate amount of time. Make sure you have a safe place to recover with someone to help you. Surround yourself with uplifting people, messages and thoughts.

3. Don’t judge your body’s appearance immediately after the surgery. Remind yourself that the outcome and final results are worth the swelling.

4. Build a support network. Before the procedure, establish a network of friends and family who will help through your recovery and encourage a positive attitude.

5. Before surgery, create a list of positive messages and reminders to lift your spirits. You may feel tired, irritable, bruised and swollen, and your incisions or body may be tender or tingle. Remind yourself that whatever negative emotions or thoughts you feel during recovery are temporary. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques to calm and soothe yourself.

After healing, you’ll be able to see the full transformation of your surgery. Mentally preparing for the post-operative recovery period helps you be patient with yourself, your body and those around you.

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