shutterstock_105546296Did you know that some men have a condition known as gynecomastia that results in enlarged breasts? It can happen at any age as a result of hormones, obesity or weight gain, heredity or the use of certain medications.

Men who have over-developed breasts may have uneven breasts or excess tissue that causes discomfort during exercise, or feelings of shame and embarrassment. They may not want to remove their shirts or wear particular clothes that draw attention to their chest. Some men deal with the issue beginning at a very young age. Others are affected by gynecomastia later in life, after taking certain medications or experiencing excess weight gain.

Fortunately, male breast reduction, or gynecomastia surgery, can correct a man’s over-developed breast tissue to help him feel more confident about his self-image and appearance. Plastic surgeons use a few incisions to remove excess tissue and skin. They can recreate a contour of the chest that appears more masculine, and the procedure can dramatically reduce the appearance of breasts. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis. Scars are minimal, and patients can return to normal activities in a short period of time.

It’s best to talk with your primary care physician about the cause of your gynecomastia to rule out any underlying health problems. If the condition is related to weight gain or massive weight loss, Ary Krau, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon, recommends patients try to reach their target weight before the procedure. Similarly, if an individual experiences a dramatic change in chest enlargement and seeks a reduction, it’s best to wait six to nine months before electing to undergo surgery.

Male breast reduction is a safe outpatient procedure that can dramatically improve a man’s life as well as their feeling of well-being and confidence. Say goodbye to worrying about how your chest looks without a shirt on at the gym, pool or beach. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Krau today.

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