Tummy Tuck in MiamiEach of Dr. Ary Krau’s tummy tuck patients is unique and has his or her own reasons for pursuing surgery. Understanding a patient’s motivations for surgery helps Dr. Krau personalize his care to the patient’s individual needs and goals.

In this post, the Miami plastic surgeon reflects on some of the most common motives patients have for pursuing tummy tuck.

To Restore the Abdomen To Its Pre-Pregnancy Prime

Pregnancy stretches out the abdominal muscles and skin, sometimes to the point of no return. Many women who have had children find it virtually impossible to recapture a taut abdominal appearance with diet and exercise alone because of damaged abdominal muscles and folds of loose skin.

Tummy tuck surgically tightens stretched or damaged abdominal muscles, removes excess skin and re-drapes the remaining skin smoothly over the abdomen. This restores a more attractive shape and contour to the abdomen, similar to what a patient may have enjoyed before having children. Another perk of undergoing tummy tuck after children is that some mothers find the procedure improves symptoms of stress urinary incontinence and back pain.

To Accentuate Weight Loss Results

Another common motivation for having tummy tuck is to address the effects of massive weight fluctuations. Gaining and then losing a lot of weight can stretch out the abdominal muscles and leave folds of loose, saggy skin hanging off the front of the abdomen. For many people who have lost weight through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, this loose skin obscures the results they worked hard to achieve. Tummy tuck is the “finishing touch” that removes redundant skin and tightens the tissues so the abdomen looks sleek.

To Improve Self-Image

Tummy tuck can do more than simply flatten the stomach and narrow the waistline; it can greatly improve self-image and provide a boost of confidence. Many of Dr. Krau’s patients tell him that they not only look better after surgery but also discover a new lease on life and renewed motivation to pursue their goals.

Reasons Why Dr. Krau Wouldn’t Recommend Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck is not right for everyone. There are certain cases when Dr. Krau learns about a patient’s motives and has to explain that tummy tuck is not an appropriate solution.

For example, some candidates pursue tummy tuck because they think it will help them get down to a lower body weight. But tummy tuck is not a practical way to lose weight; the procedure is more about shaping and contouring than it is reducing.

Other candidates seek out tummy tuck only to please someone else, like a significant other or family member. In those cases, Dr. Krau encourages the candidate to reconsider. Tummy tuck is a major operation and patients must be completely sure of the decision to undergo treatment.

To discuss your own reasons for wanting tummy tuck in more detail with Dr. Krau, please give us a call or send us an email today.

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