Tummy toning movesWhether you’re an avid exerciser or simply like to stay active, the prospect of not working out right after breast augmentation can be frustrating. But taking a few weeks off from exercise after breast augmentation is crucial to letting your body recover from surgery and heal properly. It also helps prevent serious complications.

Here, trusted breast augmentation surgeon Ary Krau explains what you should know about exercising after surgery.

You’re Not Going to Get “Out of Shape” By Missing a Few Workouts

Taking a few weeks off from your workout routine won’t set you back and undo all of the progress you have made. Think of it as nourishing your healing body and giving it what it needs (i.e., rest and relaxation) after surgery. Focus on what you can do for your health and wellness: eat well-balanced meals, practice portion control and stay mobile with slow, gentle movements.

Don’t Raise Your Heart Rate Too Soon

Taking short walks is encouraged as soon as you feel ready. Be careful to gradually increase the speed and length of your walks, and avoid pushing yourself too fast too soon. You will probably notice you feel tired sooner than normal after surgery.

Elevating your heart rate can lead to complications like bleeding and swelling. You must avoid any strenuous or vigorous activity for at least two to four weeks after surgery. This includes weight lifting, strenuous cardio, cycling, Cross Fit and other types of difficult workouts.

Follow All of Dr. Krau’s Instructions

Dr. Krau will monitor your recovery closely and clear you to resume your normal exercise routine. Everyone is different and the timetable varies by patient.

By the end of the second week of recovery, Dr. Krau may clear you to start moderate leg exercises. Some good options are riding a stationary bike or using the elliptical. However, you should avoid movements that engage your arms or chest, or cause your breasts to bounce up or down.

Depending on your recovery, Dr. Krau may clear you to resume your arm and chest workouts about two months after your surgery. It might feel a little uncomfortable as you start to engage your chest muscles. Go slow, and if anything hurts, stop. If you experience significant discomfort, feel free to give us a call to talk about it.

The Wait Is Worth It

Postponing exercise until your body heals will be worth it. Think about how great you will feel returning to your gym or workout class with bigger, sexier breasts.

To learn more about recovering from breast augmentation, please call or email our practice today.

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