Women that have opened up about having breast augmentation often say that it is one of the best decisions they ever made. If you are on the fence about surgery, Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau thinks it might help to get all the facts straight about the operation and overall experience. Keep reading as he describes what breast augmentation is really like.

Filtering Out Plastic Surgeons

One of the first obstacles you will face in your breast augmentation journey is selecting the right surgeon to perform your surgery. Surprisingly, there are doctors offering breast augmentation that don’t have the required training and experience. Limit your search to plastic surgeons that are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and filter out the rest. It’s helpful to book consultations with several plastic surgeons before picking the one with whom you feel the most comfortable.

Making Important Decisions about Your Surgery

Together with your doctor, you will make several important decisions. You must select the size, shape and type of your breast implants, as well as the location of your surgical incisions and whether your implants will be placed above or below your chest muscle. Your surgeon will make recommendations based on your anatomy and your desired goals.

Prepping for Your Day of Surgery

Once you have made those critical decisions about surgery and scheduled your operation, you can begin to prepare for surgery. Your plastic surgeon should give you detailed instructions for the pre-operative stage, such as which medications to avoid (e.g., aspirin and other blood thinners), and which, if any, pre-operative tests you will need to have.

The Day of Surgery

Your day of surgery should go very smoothly. You will receive anesthesia to sleep comfortably through the procedure. After your operation, you will be monitored for a short period of time and then released to go home.

Once home, you will want to settle into a comfortable position in bed or on the couch. You will need someone to stay with you for the first 24 hours of surgery.

Recovering from Surgery

During your initial recovery, your breasts will be bruised and swollen. Your implants may look like they are positioned very high on your chest; over the next few weeks they will “settle” into the right position and look more natural.

For about three to four weeks, you will not be able to lift your arms above your shoulders or engage in any strenuous activities. You can resume light activity and go back work after a week or two if you have a desk job. Your plastic surgeon might give you instructions or tips to minimize scarring from the incisions.

Adjusting to Your New Breasts

Once you have healed from your procedure, you should start to enjoy the look and feel of your new breasts. You might find it is easier to wear certain types of clothing and fill out a bathing suit. You might have more confidence around the opposite sex, and feel sexier and more comfortable in social situations.

Learn More about Breast Augmentation

If you have questions about what to expect at any time during your breast augmentation journey, Dr. Ary Krau welcomes you to call or email our practice.

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