Breast lift with silicone implants L.M. is a 35-year-old mother of two who resides in Miami. Throughout her twenties, she enjoyed full, perky breasts. In fact, she claimed her breasts as her favorite feature, and often wore bikinis and low-cut tops to show off her ample cleavage.

However, something changed when she turned 30 and started having children. After breastfeeding and weaning her second child, L.M. was dismayed to find that her breasts lost fullness, sagged unattractively and looked flat. She confided in close girlfriends that her breasts resembled pancakes. Her regular bras no longer fit her breasts, and she was forced to buy smaller bras. Her nipples looked larger than normal, and pointed downward. L.M. no longer felt sexy — only matronly.

Does this Story Sound Familiar? Keep Reading…

Upon the advice of a friend, L.M. started exploring surgical breast enhancement options. She was referred to Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Ary Krau, who performs more than 500 breast augmentation procedures annually. Upon examination, Dr. Krau determined that breast augmentation alone would not address L.M.’s concerns. Adding implants would not fix the saggy quality of her breasts. Instead, Dr. Krau recommended a combination operation to address L.M.’s concerns. He advised that a combination breast lift-breast augmentation would correct the shape, size and position of her breasts.

A few months ago, L.M. had her surgery. The operation was successful, she recovered beautifully and now she enjoys full, perky breasts. In fact, L.M. would tell you that her breasts look better than ever!

What Dr. Krau Improved

Dr. Ary Krau recommended a combination operation of breast lift with implants to address the concerns L.M. had with her post-pregnancy, post-nursing breasts. Here is what her treatment plan entailed:

Dr. Krau used mastopexy (breast lift) techniques to remove excess saggy breast skin, tighten the existing skin and reshape the breast tissue higher on the chest wall. He reduced the size of the areolas and adjusted them to project outward from the breast, instead of pointing downward. Then, Dr. Krau placed a pair of silicone breast implants to increase the size of the breasts. (Silicone implants are preferred by most women because of their natural look and feel.) The best part is: Dr. Krau used his signature surgical techniques to provide a sexier breast shape with minimal scarring. He is mindful of using techniques to create fullness in the upper pole (portion) of the breasts to give the patient a “push-up” bra result.

Let Dr. Krau Help You

If you are frustrated with the appearance of your post-baby breasts, and desire sexier cleavage, let Dr. Krau help. Schedule an informational consultation with him to discuss your goals and review your treatment options. Call (305) 861-6881 to request an appointment with the doctor.

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