What to do/what not to do after breast liftThe recovery process is an integral part of the breast lift experience. Almost every breast lift candidate questions what to expect during recovery, and asks for tips. In his many years of practice, Miami plastic surgeon Ary Krau has compiled a list of dos and don’ts after breast lift surgery. Here are his best recommendations:

Do: Wear Your Surgical Bra

Swelling is normal after breast lift surgery and may cause slight discomfort. Wearing a surgical bra helps to control the swelling and related pain. The garment puts slight pressure on the breast tissues and supports them as they heal. After a few days, you can switch to a sports bra-like garment with a front closure and wide straps. Do not switch to bras with underwire until Dr. Krau has cleared you to do so.

Don’t: Buy Bras Too Soon

It is exciting to dream about your lifted breasts and tempting to stock up on sexy bras before surgery. However, wait a few weeks after surgery for your breast position to stabilize before shopping for bras. You might find that you wear a different size or prefer a different style.

Do: Start Walking When You Feel Ready

Gentle movement is encouraged during your recovery as soon as you feel ready. Dr. Krau recommends taking short walks when you feel up to it. Riding a stationary bike is also acceptable.

Don’t: Start Vigorous Exercise without Doctor Approval

Avoid any strenuous activity, including heavy lifting or bending, until Dr. Krau has cleared you. This could be up to four weeks after surgery. Sex should be avoided for one to two weeks.

Do: Be Patient with Your Healing Progress

It can be difficult to take time off work and your daily runs, but be patient with the process. Remember that it takes time for your breasts and body to heal, and the results will be well worth it!

Don’t: Rush Back to Work

There is no need to force yourself to go back to work or your normal routine before you feel ready. Pushing yourself too soon could cause a complication.

Do: Attend All Follow-Up Visits

Dr. Krau will schedule a few office visits to see you and monitor your healing progress. He may also need to remove stitches. Be sure to keep all appointments so you stay on track with your recovery.

Don’t: Hesitate to Ask the Doctor Questions

If you have a question or a potential concern, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Krau about it. No question is too insignificant to be addressed during the recovery stage.

For more information about breast lift surgery and recovery, please contact the office of Dr. Ary Krau by calling (305) 861-6881 today.


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