Breast Reduction vs. Breast LiftAs a top Miami breast enhancement surgeon, Dr. Ary Krau offers several cosmetic options for women who wish to improve the size, shape and proportions of their breasts. Two of the most frequently requested procedures that he offers are breast reduction and breast lift. While both procedures are effective, there are distinct differences between the two that all prospective patients should be aware of.

What Breast Reduction Accomplishes

As the name suggests, breast reduction reduces the size and volume of the breasts by removing excess fat, skin and glandular tissue. The goal of breast reduction is to create smaller breasts that are more proportional to the rest of the body. Breast reduction is ideal for women who experience physical and emotional discomfort such as:

  • Poor posture, back and neck pain caused by large, pendulous breasts
  • Bruises or deep indentations on the shoulders caused by bra straps that hold up heavy breasts
  • Chronic skin irritation, rashes, infection or chafing caused by sweat that accumulates under the breast crease
  • Feelings of self-consciousness or embarrassment caused by unwanted attention, difficulty finding clothes that fit properly or the desire for a more balanced figure

What Breast Lift Accomplishes

Breast lift reshapes and repositions the breasts by excising loose skin and raising the breast mound higher on the chest wall. If necessary, overly large areolas and nipples are resized and positioned higher on the breast mound. The goal of breast lift is to create a perkier and younger-looking breast appearance. Breast lift treats:

  • Sagging or deflated breasts
  • Stretched out breast skin
  • Downward-pointing nipples or nipples that rest below the natural breast crease
  • Asymmetrical breasts

Can You Benefit from Both?

Breast lift and breast reduction can be combined to simultaneously improve the shape, size and position of the breasts. Some women choose to incorporate a lift into their breast reduction surgery to remove excess skin that has been stretched out by overly large breasts and can no longer conform to the smaller breast size. Ultimately the decision to combine the two procedures or only have one done is a personal choice. It is important for you to be completely transparent about your breast concerns and goals during your initial consultation so your plastic surgeon can recommend a treatment plan that best achieves your desired outcome.

To discuss your breast enhancement goals with a board-certified plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation with Dr. Krau. Contact his Miami practice by calling (305) 861-6881 today.

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